Walkerston Wildlife



Something odd did occur – but exactly when is a blur

Since these birds joined the bats – in these high rise town flats

There is a relationship I see – but it continues to puzzle me

That by sharing the same tree – what benefits can there be


Is there something they know – that to us doesn’t show

Is there something that they get – that we haven’t yet met

Maybe a form of protection – or is it to do with affection

And from a thorough inspection – I have seen no rejection


Do these Australian White Ibis – realize there’s a virus

That if it were to spread – then they could be dead

Is there something they share – but to us won’t declare

Or is there something in the genes – and we don’t know what it means


Perhaps they’re colour blind – or they are just being kind

Because living with a bat – within the same habitat

Could end up in dispute – over a simple piece of fruit

Where the winners would take all – take home the bat and the ball


So many questions I have asked – and no answers are forecast

So the mystery goes on – about this phenomenon

However l sleep well each night – with no worry of their plight

But one thing I can tell – is that Ibis can’t smell


© Daryl Barnes 2016




A home was required - and one was soon found

Close to the shops - but we had neighbours around

The noise of road traffic - to the mines it was bound

We will acclimatise to – now living in town


But outside the back fence - Bakers Creek flowed right by

Whilst in winter months - could be almost dry

But in the wet season - when big rains came through

Erosion of the soil – the evidence is not knew


Yes when we arrived - the bank was near bare

Just a couple of palm trees - were all that was there

The discarded wooden stumps – were used with the repair

Broken bricks and big rocks - and anything that was spare


Then in went some plants - to build a native habitat

To see just what creatures - this one day would attract

And in years to come - when the tree roots spread wide

They’ll help save the bank - so it doesn’t subside




Fifteen years have gone by - and you can see the progress

The creek bank’s secure - oh well, more or less

Umbrella and Flame – and Little Evodia Tree too

They’re all doing fine - with a job each to do


Heliconias are a part - of the dense understorey

Plus pruned Bougainvilleas - with branches all thorny

They will bring a splash of colour - when they’re out in flower

Everything springs to life – after a storm or a shower


Both reptiles and birds – can now visit or reside

They now have a choice - can nest build or just hide

Bottlebrush and Grevillea - provide a nectar source

Plus water is supplied – there’s a bird bath of course


We get skinks and water dragons – tree snakes and pythons too

Beetles bugs and butterflies - and wasps, just to name a few

Micro bats and tree frogs – by day are out of sight

There’s always something going on - when the lights go out at night


So if you plant the right flora - then the fauna will come

You can see for yourself - how this can be done

So don’t procrastinate – and make a start today

Enhance what you have - because down the track will repay



© Daryl Barnes 2016




They return to their roost – in the darkness of night

Select a tree branch – and cling on to it tight

Now to rest upside down – is unique you’ll agree

This just wouldn’t do – for you and for me


Now the paperbarks trees – look like they’re filled with ‘cocoons’

These animals have been roosting here – for many long moons

They are Black Flying Foxes Рin our creek is their cr̬che

Now with numbers increased – they’ve near filled every space


Their screeching and squawking – makes one hell of a racket

For us living right near – it becomes hard to hack it

Plus the smelly build up of poo – which they regularly excrete

Wafts in on the breeze – for an unwelcoming treat


Continually they flap – their wings in the heat

For many I am sure – don’t have much time for sleep

As all through the day – they fight and they squabble

It does make you wonder – what is worth all the trouble


When darkness draws near – they realise the need

Soon time to go searching – for that energy giving feed

And the scouts have returned – from a favourable trip

Found new blossom with nectar – that’s all ready to sip


They now have offspring to feed – and they are the provider

So they’ll need to work harder – and go farther and wider

Look out for your trees – with fruit that’s juicy and ripe

Because they’ll seek out and devour it – in the darkness of night


© Daryl Barnes 2016

‘Twas Valentine’s Day - when the build up began
Continually it rained - like we know that it can
No wind to speak of - just rain day and night
This once in ninety year - event was in sight
We woke with a shock – could not believe our eyes
We had to take stock – the creek was on the rise
Steady rain fell on the roof – trees now hanging limp
Who didn’t care at all - was the Eastern Water-Skink
So what was in store - how much more to come
The man on the radio - rainfall records were for some
With neighbours we congregate – plans made for the worst
Set some priorities – shift our cars would be first
We watched the pool – do a colour change
From blue to brown – now it looked strange
Important items were relocated – to the verandah high and dry
As things went out of sight – it made us almost cry
A tree snake swam in under – giving everyone a fright
In the waste deep water level – it wasn’t planning to bite
It was searching for somewhere safe– and somewhere high
Like in a dark corner - where it could lie
When everything was done – we made a coffee and sat out the front
We saw things go floating by - like wheelie bins and other junk
Then SES launched a craft - down our street a rescue
A sight never seen - by any of us new
© Daryl Barnes 2016
There is one Flying Fox - that is weak and thin
Maybe it is carrying – some kind of disease
Whilst others are continually - scratching their skin
Does this also mean – that they carry fleas
So before we are tempted - into committing a sin
Can somebody somewhere – help us out please?
Meanwhile – there is a smell that drifts in
Delivery is free - by a warm summer breeze
This makes my head – go into a spin
And it irritates my nose – and makes me want to sneeze
So before we are tempted - into committing a sin
Can somebody somewhere – help us out please?
Now these bats altogether – can make one almighty din
All hanging upside down – with the greatest of ease
They stare and they tease - with a sly cheeky grin
As they pose for the camera – and say cheddar cheese
So before we are tempted – into committing a sin
Can somebody somewhere – help us out please?
We’ve got a fight on our hands – one that we need to win
Before the bats have us down – and praying on our knees
But what can we do – where do we begin
Whilst their numbers increase – creating a habitat squeeze
So before we are tempted - to committing a sin
Can somebody somewhere – help us out please?
© Daryl Barnes 2016


Little frog - little frog
Sleep all day - like a log

In our downstairs loo - some spend the day
Some with eyes open – some the other way
Eight frogs per sitting - now we have seen
All various shades - from light to dark green
Some are quite large - others can be tiny
But as we all know – they are all slimy
 Gathered in one corner - they huddle together
Safety in numbers - throughout the hot weather
Above the exit door – that can be open wide
They all cling to the wall - all on the one side
Whilst over by the window - under runs a neat ledge
Where they could all squat - a pressure release for their legs
 Little frog - little frog
Soon time to leave - this cosy human bog
 The sun’s going down- it is now almost dark
When the night comes - it signals the start
Time to make your own way - to the roof spout
Take one giant leap - legs spread-eagled out
Sometimes you’ll land - on the concrete, splat
You must get a fright - trying to fly like a bat
 Then sometimes you’ll hop - out on the house deck
And then you must beware - oh bloody heck
That a leather-soled shoe – in the near darkness unseen
May come down on you hard – make you let out a scream
 Little frog - little frog
Crouched in a downpipe - thankfully it’s not clogged
 It makes the perfect spot – for you to sit and croak
Even when it rains – because then you can soak
You’re happy sitting there - all on you’re alone
With a down pipe - for your megaphone
You’ll soon find a mate - with such a loud call
Aren’t you a clever frog - who seems to know it all
So get on and multiply – and preserve your bloodline
Then you won’t have to worry – of being in decline
 Little frog - little frog
There’s plenty of food – no need to hog
 Just find your way up – to the window sill
Latch onto a moth - with your precision skill
But you must watch out - for a sneaky snake
As you’ll be on the menu – make no mistake
 So if you survive – through this long summer night
And safely return - to the loo before light
Climb steadily on up - using your suction pads
And settle in again – with all the other lads
© Daryl Barnes 2016


A birthday present I did receive – authentic it was that
But I couldn’t use it for what it was – so we gave it to a micro -bat
Yes we hung the cow bell from a peg – prominently in your face
A family came and checked it out – then daily occupied the space

 Each day when the sun went down – we’d watch each member fly
A couple of laps beneath the house – and then they’d say goodbye
And in the morning I’d take a peak – to see if they were there
Regular I’d count to five – and they didn’t seem to care
Five micro-bats camped in the bell – for two summers in a row
As regular as clockwork – they had a place to go
Until one morning when they returned – their home had disappeared
So they found another place nearby – but somewhere rather weird
Now under the house clothes were hung – trying to get them dry
But the electric dryer was required – and it was turned to high
The timer got set to thirty minutes – and when it was complete
As the door was opened – five bats fell to my feet
© Daryl Barnes 2016


A tropical rain depression – was the weather forecast
Moving north to south – could cause havoc as it past
Twenty inches here already – so we'd had quite enough
Soaked soil overflowing – don't need more of the stuff

 Early signs they were not good – solid rain before daylight
Radar images very clear – checked on the BOM website
A period of cloudy weather – with heavy rain scattered through
Loomed close on our doorstep – and nothing we could do

 So I rang work to advise – won’t be coming in this day
Roads already being closed – be safer at home I'd say
Heavy rain came and went – by lunch time we could see
Items underneath the house – were now in jeopardy

 The creek was flowing very quick – and swiftly on the rise
Swept over the swimming pool – before our very eyes
It marched up to the back – and reached our concreted floor
Bringing brown and dirty water – right to our house back door

 Rain gauge checked and emptied – making room to add some more
Four days of rain had fallen – add another one twenty to the score
And every now and then – the rain it seemed to ease
Only to give false hope to us – did these temporary reprieves

 Then we heard a motor noise – came from the Kirkup bridge
A tractor driven safely over – transferring the stranded school kids
Trying to get home from school – with traffic stopped on either side
Both children and their parents – enjoyed a comfy ride

 Water level now slowed – creeping up with no soun
Whilst we puddled around – moving things to higher ground
But how high do we stack – how far should we go
Just when will it stop – one thing we don’t know

 Moved cars out of harm – as darkness approached
Little more could we do – we just wished and we hoped
Only four years had passed – since we last got a fright
Still fresh in our minds – will this reach the same height

 The high tide set to peak – early on in the night
Rain forecast to reduce – so we thought we’d be right
One thing in our favour – the power was not out
Although candles and torches – we kept them handy about

 Drinks then a feed – frequent check of water level
Then relief it did come – when the clock neared eleven
Besser blocks under white goods – proved to be just enough
A full check left till morning – regards all other stuff

© Daryl Barnes 2016

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