Don’t cry for me now my body has died,

For I am still here, I’m still by your side.

My body maybe gone but my soul remains here,

Will you please promise me you won’t shed a tear,


Don’t cry for me as I am all around,

It’s my body that’s been buried there in the ground.

I am the snowflake that kisses your nose,

I am the frost that nips at your toes.


Don’t cry for me as I bring you the light,

I am the star, that’s always so bright.

I am the rain, that refreshes the earth,

I am the laughter that is of great worth.


Don’t cry for me I’m that bird in the sky,

I am a cloud, that’s drifts quietly by.

I am the thoughts that are inside your head,

Which should indicate to you that I can’t be dead.

 © Daryl Barnes 2016



Once you were born, you had to learn

How to share with others, how to wait your turn

Know when to smile, know when to be stern

Be shown what to eat and what calories to burn

Turn your life upside down, a diagnosed syndrome

One more hurdle to clear, on your way back home


You have travelled through, many of our country towns

The journey has had, its share of ups and downs

Can you remember where, you were the clowns

Occasionally, when there were some frowns

But of all the places, where you did roam

There’s only the one, you can call your home


When it’s time to lie down, rest your weary head

Maybe on the pillow, of some stranger’s bed

Your dreams will be, rather widely spread

Some will have outcomes, which you really dread

So leave the mattress, which is made of foam

And concentrate, on your going home


With life’s twists and turns, you have to deal

Try to make decisions, on the way you feel

Then make ends meet, without having to steal

And you make the most, out of every meal

Search for treasures with, a fine-toothed comb

And take them with you, to your home sweet home


You live your life and learn, make a few mistakes

To gain knowledge and experience, that’s what it takes

Who to trust and befriend, ignore the fakes

When your plans get changed, well they’re the breaks

Or you could choose to live, much like a garden gnome

And be stone-faced, when you get back home


You make a decision, you take a chance

Whether it be financial, whether it be romance

You commit yourself, yes you take a stance

Then you keep the faith, until the farewell dance

No need to dress-up, shine like polished chrome

You’ll still be welcomed, when you get back home


 © Daryl Barnes 2016



My failing health is clear to see
 My years are also telling me
That I’m not as young, as I used to be
 Time now to face the reality

So I made a decision, to change my position
 The time was right, for a new acquisition
Going forward I have, myself a vision
 And I won’t be swayed, by any superstition

An online dating site, I signed onto
For me a place, that was all very new
Soon came a wink, that I could pursue
 Admired her face, in the photo view

She liked the detail, in my profile
 And liked the photo, of me with a smile
A message appeared, within a short while
 Soon I was chatting to, a lady with style
We exchanged emails, and photos sent
 Then chatting on Skype, was time well spent
Although could not detect, a foreign accent
 Our interests in common, we did cement

Tall dark and handsome, is someone I’m not
 Nor was I a high-flying, up-town big-shot
But I told her of, my beauty spot
 With that she thinks, now I’m really hot (haha)

Time has passed, and there’s been progress
 Surprised a bit, I must confess
But there’ll be no need, to fuss or stress
 It gives me a chance, to charm and impress

My excitement builds, as the day gets near
 She tells me there’s, no need to fear
But for me my nerves, get a calming beer
Whilst I prepare, a welcome atmosphere


© Daryl Barnes 2016


I grew up on this piece of ground,
We had good neighbours all around.
We knew each other very well,
And the Pope and I, we got on swell

Very often we used to meet
Kick the footy up and down the street
Practice torpedos till we got ‘em right
A feat deserving, the chance to skite

We tried the art of doing drop-kicks
And taking screamers with our finger tips
We’d come a gutser in loose gravel red
But we’d still play on, with a knee that bled

With our fishing rods,
We would ride our bikes,
To the Wannon River,
Where we’d get some bites.

We’d snare a Tupong and a Blackfish,
That were waiting for a feed,
A submerged log we’d never miss,
Or hook some underwater weed.

These early morning episodes,
Just a half an hour from home
We’d negotiate the hilly roads
Sometimes far and wide we’d roam

We caught a train and paid the fares,
After finishing with high school.
Off to Shepparton to pick some pears,
Using a circular sizing tool.

A wonky ladder and a full bag of fruit,
Were ingredients for, a major spill.
Upon impact the pears would scoot
And scatter into a shallow drill.

Good teamwork was an attribute
Persevered and the bins would fill
After work with thirst acute
Cold beers before a hot mixed grill

Later in life when we got together,
We enjoyed our footy and going fishing.
When caught out in inclement weather,
We’d spend time drinking and wishing.

Took a houseboat up, the mighty River Murray,
We loved these trips, there was never a hurry
A long trip west, we camped the Coorong,
Where Pope’d whistle a John Williamson song

Closer to home, drove to Rocklands Reservoir,
He towed his boat, with his red ute car.
Then overnight fished, the tranquil Glenelg River,
Where it didn’t really matter if it didn’t deliver.

When we were young would drive fast cars,
We were both invincible and bullet proof
But now-a-days, we wear the scars,
With an aging body, try to hide the trueth

Yes all good things must finally end,
So it’s no good trying, to pretend,
As you soldier on, trying to buck the trend,
Your aches and pains you hope will mend.
But you can’t see what’s, around every corner,
So activate a plan, before you’re a 'gorna',
And enjoy life while you can.

Pope, its farewell to you my ole mate,
And I hope the fishin up there is great.
I’ve one final request I’d like to make,
If it’s okay and I’m not too late.

Can I bring with me a T-bone steak,
A footy and a birthday cake,
And Fosters long-necks in a crate.
That is of course, if you can wait,
Until I can meet you, at that pearly gate.

© Daryl Barnes 2016



  It creates great joy - the day you arrive
All family and friends - celebrate you’re alive
Before very long - you are crawling about
Soon take your first step - soon find you can shout

 You learn how to read - you learn how to spell
Then you go off to school - at the sound of a bell
Here you make friends - play sport in a team
Learn what they teach – and develop self esteem

 Once schooling is done - you walk out the door
Time now to move on - time now to explore
Find a job that you like - plenty work to be done
Make you some money - to spend on some fun

 Then learn how to save - for that rainy old day
To reduce any debts - deduct regular from pay
You try hard to make do - and find that balance in life
Not the easiest of tasks - as temptations are rife

 Try and find a good partner - to establish a home
Produce a good family - and you’ll never be alone
Teach right from wrong - give it your very best shot
The rest’s up to them - to make the most of their lot

 Now age comes with time - now sit down and look back
What’s done is now done - too late to change that
Family health work and play - and you kept out of strife
You just might have achieved - a good quality of life

© Daryl Barnes 2016



If you stopped, and thought awhile

I’m sure that you, could find a smile

From all the good times, that you’ve had

And do not dwell, upon the sad

Stay in your seat, with another drink

Or play some tricks, with a wicked wink

You can still, enjoy a beer

And find good reason, for a cheer


Yes it was hard, now to believe

We’d reached another, New Years Eve

Gone so quick, has another year

Why did it quickly, disappear

And without telling, me any lies

Simply put, the time just flies

Leaves no time, for silly crying

Get on with life, like me you’re dying


Today you’d like, to reminisce

Select the memories, you’re gonna miss

Tomorrow there’ll be, a brand new start

Write one down, on a diary chart

There is so much left, for you to do

No time to simply, sit and stew

Learn from mistakes, all will be good

Show to others, you understood


So when they read, your life story

They’ll then see, you weren't seeking glory

Short on talk, good on take action

What you do, must give satisfaction

You try to set, a good example to others

If there's a point, the media uncovers

So make each day, for something count

Follow your passion, that is paramount

 © Daryl Barnes 2016

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