When we’re young we take for granted – matters of health and hygiene
And how we treat our bodies – whilst full of life and keen
But no matter what we do – our genes will have a say
But we’ll need the medical profession – whatever come what may

 To the doctor or the dentist – our first visit paves the way
A good or bad experience – with us it will always stay
For vaccine or anaesthetic – when a needle comes in sight
The body’s muscles tighten – to the chair we hold on tight

 There’s the chance we’ll have an accident – it may not be our fault
A car or truck might be the cause – or we’re victim of assault
Colds and flu come around each year – try hard to avoid contact
An injury in the workplace – check the fine print in the contract

 Some ailments are hereditary – naught can be done about that
Do the best with what you’ve got – try not to get too fat
A well balanced diet regular – and a good dose of exercise
Follow the plan and stick to it – you might get a pleasant surprise

 There will be times we get run down – our immune system under pressure
Stress from daily living – something hard to accurately measure
A daily hectic schedule – gets our routine out of whack
Finding that perfect balance – good luck if you've got the knack

 Forest Gump on the TV screen – on a park bench he did sit
Put his hand in a chocolate box – to draw a lucky dip
 Which journey in life will you select – there's luck in what you pick
"Life is like a box of chocolates - you never know, what you‘re gonna git"

© Daryl Barnes 2016



 I went to the doctor – to ask his advice
He asked me some questions – trying hard to be nice
Then informed me of tests – to get the answer right
A process of elimination – will help shed some light

 So I did as I was told – soon got sick of being poked
But kept a positive outlook – occasionally even joked
Scans and x-rays taken – of different body parts
After a thorough examination – the results went on charts

 Would you lie here on this bed – take a seat in this here chair
Prepare for another needle – put it here or maybe there
Take a sample of this – ‘cause it might provide an answer
Then a doctor told me once – it seems it's not cancer

 Motor Neurone Disease – they successfully did eliminate
Leaving Parkinson’s Disease – to be my designated fate

 Now this is what your future holds – here’s what is in store
All kinds of medication – there are treatments now galore
But at this very point in time – there was nothing that would cure
So side effects and symptoms – is what I have to endure

© Daryl Barnes 2016



 The pain and the discomfort – I could no longer bare
Went into theatre at The Base – for a double hernia repair
When I came around – my blood pressure, it was low
They suggest I stay the night – so into bay one I go

 They set a cannula in my arm – a drip siphoned through a hose
Another drained my abdomen – another went into my nose
The ‘observations’ were all taken – from all the usual places
Then entered on my chart – on a very regular basis

 So there I lay in this bay – at the Base in the E.D.S.U.
I could hear what went on around – but curtains cut my view
My bed was firm and flat – it certainly wasn’t wonderful
With panadol to mask the pain – it helped me feel comfortable

 Much of the night I lay awake – hearing unfamiliar noises
Like a trolley rattling past – and then there’s peoples voices
In the bay I occupied – another man was right next door
Each time he went to sleep – he immediately began to snore

 Nurses pulled on curtains – as they did their routine rounds
Alarms, bells, beepers, buzzers – through the night were common sounds
Shoes went flop-flop-flop-flop – across the covered concrete floor
Then a face sometimes appeared – can you please give a pain score

 Metal items clanged together – echoing down the corridor
Then a quiet moment was broken by – a banging closing door
Medication or sticky tape – being removed from its packaging
Plastic paper and cardboard too – but no sign of any panicking

 Fingers flick through A4 files – a phone rings crisp and clear
A folder thumped on the desk – yes these sounds I clearly hear
But as the night lingered on – quieter periods they occurred
Until a nurse appears once more – and again I’m easily stirred

© Daryl Barnes 2016



 The plan was simple – the procedure the same
That is what was said – and confident they did claim
In I go to have the op – be home again that day
Which all sounded quite okay – but it didn’t work out that way

 Lying in the recovery room – when the decision it was made
That I’d be staying overnight – in the bed in whence I laid
In the Extensive Day Surgery Unit – were others in a row
Nurses fussing here and there – doctors coming to and fro

 When I should've been fighting fit – the nausea, it just got worse
 Something wasn't right – so I get wheeled by the x-ray nurse
Shortly after I vomit green – there was more still to come
There’s an obstruction in my stomach – now empty it must become

 A pump was soon attached – my nose the hose went on through
Dry reaching was magnified – a sore throat developed too
Once I was, completely drained – time for them to then unblock it
So another trip to theatre – to dislodge my bowel from a pocket

 So my recovery commenced again – surly now I’ll mend alright
But once again another hiccup – got cold shivers in the night
Then an irritation in my throat – cough up flem of red and yellow
So more time lying on my back – my head resting on a pillow

 After nine days in a hospital bed – that could have been just two
Relieved was just one feeling – with the exit door in view
A thousand to one the odds they said – no luck, well that was true
A complicated hernia repair – I hope it does, not happen to you

 15/04/2013 – 23/04/2013

© Daryl Barnes 2016

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