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Crazy Bird Stories by Daryl Barnes
Crazy Bird Stories is a very entertaining and informative book about birds.  Daryl has presented the information in a humorous style which appeals to all age groups.  His stories about birds behaving in strange ways are enhanced by the colourful illustrations and imaginative settings.
He has also included a section at the back of the book with photographs and facts of twelve birds that can be found in the Mackay and surrounding area.
As a Primary School Teacher Librarian, I have seen how this book appeals to young children as they love to read it and enjoy having it read to them.
From an educational viewpoint, the rhyming is a wonderful teaching point.  The fact that the birds are factual allows teachers to transfer the knowledge of reading for enjoyment to an information writing report which is a useful tool for classroom use.
Lyn Becke
Teacher Librarian
Walkerston State School


Crazy Bird Stories by Daryl Barnes (Balboa Press)

Another that Create a Kids’ Book has assessed and advised on.

Daryl’s subtitle ‘Prepare yourself for Strange Birds Behaving in Strange Ways’ – does lead in well to the rhymes he has invented, and the way-out stores also, for various of the birds to be found around Mackay in Queensland. They ridiculous rhymes are fun, as are the cartoon-like computer generated illustrations. He has also added a photo of the actual bird at the back and a little about their actual behaviours.

Children will quickly learn to chant the rhymes, and enjoy the hunt-the-silhouette of the fairy wren game on each opening also. It is a really great introduction to bird watching – anyway for those living in Central Queensland.  Sometimes their ridiculous fantasy behaviours relates to things they really do naturally – the lorikeet does get drunk on nectar sometimes, or on fermenting fruit on the ground below the trees; the nightjar does fly and feed at night.
Virginia Lowe

Create a Kids Book

Daryl Barnes.
Crazy Bird Stories.
As a Teacher Librarian I am always on the lookout for quality books that are both informative and captivating for children, Crazy Bird Stories by Daryl Barnes is one of those books that ‘fits the bill’. When reading this book to my Primary students the antics and peculiarities of each bird cause ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’, giggles and even the silence of thoughtful contemplation.   The bright and zany pictures enrich the whole reading experience.
Another feature of Crazy Bird Stories that makes it a plus for the school library is the inclusion of a bird fact file at the end of the book. This gives the book a dual purpose and certainly makes it more appealing to a larger age range.
You know a book is popular with the children when you get to the end of the reading time and the children put up their hands to ask if they can borrow it.
Mr Barnes’ Crazy Bird Stories are a fun way to introduce children to the wonderful world of birds around us.  With most of our young people so attracted to spending hours on technology these days it’s refreshing to find a book that encourages the reader to think about the natural world, and get out there and explore it.

Vanessa North
Teacher Librarian

Carlisle Adventist Christian College

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