Life is like a box of chocolates as you’ll one day find

There’s lots of choice inside the box not all will treat you kind

Good food and exercise for body and healthy mind

Find a way to reduce the stress make it easy to unwind


To the doctor or the dentist your first visit paves the way

Whether good or bad experience with you will always stay

For vaccine or anaesthetic when a needle comes in sight

The body muscles tighten to the chair you hold on tight


There’s the chance you’ll have an accident, it may not be your fault

A car or truck might be the cause or you’re victim of assault

Colds and flu come around each year, try hard to avoid contact

An injury in the workplace check the fine print of your contract


Some ailments are hereditary that is a true fact

Do the best with what you’ve got try not to get too fat

A well balanced diet regular and a good dose of exercise

Follow the plan and stick to it you might get a pleasant surprise


There will be times we get run down, your immune system under pressure

Stress from daily living something hard to accurately measure

A daily hectic schedule gets your routine out of whack

Finding that perfect balance good luck if you’ve got the knack


Forest Gump on the TV screen on a park bench he did sit

Put his hand in a chocolate box and hope for a lucky dip

Which journey in life will you select there’s luck in what you pick

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you‘re gonna git”


© Daryl Barnes 2016

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